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StimaWell EMS Trainer

The StimaWELL EMS Trainer being promoted by Ultra-Well is a medically certified device produced by SchwaMedico of Germany. It has over 70 programs to choose from can provide a full body workout catering for all types of people and conditions regardless of age, level of mobility or level of fitness. It also comes with present programmes supporting treatment for pelvic Floor conditions, Fat burning, and cellulite reduction.

Help with Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Patients receive a deep full body workout, which will be much more extensive than what they are able to get via normal exercise, thus accelerating their recovery.

A patient with limited mobility can receive the EMS treatments by sitting, lying down or simply standing and hence able to recover faster as their muscles build up quicker.

An injured athlete can still have a full workout by selectively excluding or lowering the intensity of the impulse in the injured area until healed. The injury rehabilitation and return to sports will be significantly faster using EMS treatments, maintaining the tone of the rest of the body during the recovery phase.

Elderly patients (at home or in care homes) are able to maintain and increase their fitness and mobility while muscle atrophy due to age will be significantly reduced. This will allow them to live enjoyable and active lives for longer into their golden age.

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  • 70 therapeutic & fitness programs

  • Easily programmable workouts

  • Comfortable 12-channel suit with long lasting electrodes

  • Remote Control for ease of use

  • The StimaWell® EMS device is Medicallly Certified in the EU


Stimulation suit StimaWELL EMS fits and works even after a long period of use. Pairs of electrodes on the buttocks, lower back, waist, latissimus, upper back, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, chest (+ band electrodes for calves, thighs, lower and upper arms see band electrodes). The adjustable flow direction of the current across the pairs of electrodes ensures different recruitment of muscle fibers

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